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Terms and Conditions

Sports Ventures, operating under the trade name NAVIGATORS, functions solely as an agent for owners and contractors who provide transportation, hotel accommodations, or other services. All tour services, tickets, and vouchers are governed by the terms and conditions specified by the issuer. By accepting any service offered as part of the NAVIGATORS program or any ticket or voucher, program members are considered to have accepted and consented to these conditions.

It's important to note that all services are subject to the laws of the country in which you are traveling. NAVIGATORS reserves the right to dismiss group members at the expense of the member in cases of misconduct and inappropriate behavior. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these terms for a smooth and enjoyable experience during your NAVIGATORS tour.


Changes in Itinerary:

NAVIGATORS acknowledges that unforeseen circumstances beyond our control or that of our suppliers may require adjustments to the itinerary. Such revisions can encompass tour dates, scheduled games and tours, and any other activities outlined in the itinerary. In the event of changes, we will exert every effort to uphold the original intent of the itinerary. Irrespective of the cause, NAVIGATORS cannot be held liable or responsible in any way for loss, injury, or damage arising from sickness, weather conditions, strikes, war, quarantine, acts of terrorism, or injuries during program events.


NAVIGATORS retains the right to modify any aspect of the tour that it deems necessary or advisable. Any additional costs resulting from such changes will be the responsibility of the program participant. Items listed as optional are not included in the overall cost of the trip. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility in such circumstances to ensure a safe and fulfilling experience during your NAVIGATORS tour.


Television, Photography, Media and Video Rights:

NAVIGATORS holds exclusive rights to Television, Photography, Media, and Video coverage in connection with any and all programs or events associated with the program. This includes the right to capture, use, and distribute visual and audio content for promotional, broadcasting, or any other purposes related to the NAVIGATORS tour. Participants and attendees are deemed to have consented to the use of their likenesses, voices, and actions in such media for these specified purposes. Your cooperation and understanding in this matter contribute to the overall success and promotion of the NAVIGATORS Tour.


Member´s Acceptance: 

NAVIGATORS retains the authority, at its sole discretion, to either accept or decline the approval of any individual as a member of NAVIGATORS. This decision-making process is subject to the organization's own criteria and considerations. We appreciate your understanding of this policy as we work to ensure the best fit for all individuals involved in the NAVIGATORS tour.



NAVIGATORS explicitly states that it will not assume liability for any misconduct or inappropriate behavior during a tour that leads to penalties or fines in other countries. Any incurred penalties or fines will be the responsibility of the member who is charged with such actions. Participants are expected to adhere to the laws of the country they are visiting, and NAVIGATORS will not be held accountable for the activities engaged in by participants. It is essential that all members of the NAVIGATORS tour conduct themselves responsibly and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the host country.

NOT Included in NAVIGATORS Tour (Subject to change depending on specific tour):

  • Passport and Visa Fees (if needed)

  • Vaccinations or other entry requirements

  • Personal Items

  • Some Meals (depending on the tour package - purchased)

  • Airline Fuel Surcharges - This charge could be added about 1 month prior to departure depending on gas prices and the airline

  • Laundry

  • Individual Medical Insurance (Primary)

  • Travel Insurance

  • Everything not listed in the inclusions section on your program

  • Additional Baggage fees if required (1 checked bag up to 50 lbs and 1 carry-on is usually included for international flights).

Additional Trip Insurance Available: 

We strongly advise considering the purchase of travel insurance, especially given the unpredictability of injuries that may result while playing sport. While NAVIGATORS does not directly sell travel insurance, we encourage you to explore various options that cater to your specific travel insurance requirements. It is essential to research and choose a suitable travel insurance plan to ensure coverage for unexpected events during your journey with the NAVIGATORS.


Account Statements and Invoices: 

A primary email address will be utilized for sending statements via email to maintain your records. To ensure you receive the latest information and updates on the tour, it is crucial for us to have an active email account on file. It is your responsibility to reach out to us if you are not receiving your statements.


Statements will comprehensively display all activity in your account, while invoices will specify charges with detailed information. You have the flexibility to request your invoice or statement at any time by emailing  Your proactive communication helps us ensure that you stay informed about the latest updates related to the tour.


Uniforms will be delivered to you. If you order the wrong size uniform, you will be responsible for covering any additional costs for reordering a uniform.


Cancelation / Refund Policy:

For all cancellations, it is imperative to confirm via email to NAVIGATORS at While NAVIGATORS endeavors to minimize cancellation fees whenever feasible, this is contingent upon our suppliers and the timing of your tour cancellation.


Please note that airline cancellation fees are not incorporated into the fees. Additional cancellation charges may be applicable if you cancel your tour after airline tickets have been procured.


Your understanding and adherence to these cancellation procedures are appreciated, and contacting us promptly via email ensures a streamlined process for managing cancellations and related fees.


Airline Tickets:

All airline tickets issued are non-refundable and non-transferable. It is crucial to provide the correct and legally accurate spelling of the participant's name as it appears on their passport. Ensuring the accuracy of passport information is the responsibility of each individual participant.


In the event that a name change is necessary, a change fee of 350€ will be incurred. Participants are urged to review their passport details carefully during the booking process to avoid any discrepancies and associated fees. Your attention to these details contributes to the smooth execution of travel arrangements.


Exchange Rate:

NAVIGATORS acknowledges the inherent unpredictability of exchange rates for each international trip. As a result, we reserve the right to add a charge, if deemed necessary, based on the prevailing rate of exchange at the time of final payment.


This charge will only be applied if the value of the foreign currency strengthens against the euro by more than 0.10€. Conversely, if the euro's value weakens by more than 0.10€ one month prior to departure, an increase in the tour cost may occur. Importantly, any additional cost will not exceed 150€ for any given tour.


This policy ensures transparency regarding potential fluctuations in exchange rates and helps maintain the financial integrity of the tours offered by NAVIGATORS.

Airline Connections: 

If you are part of the group in the NAVIGATORS tour, it is the responsibility of each passenger to ensure they meet the group on time for departure. NAVIGATORS will not be held responsible for missed connections or flights. To mitigate potential issues, it is recommended that passengers arrive for departures at least 3,5 hours prior to takeoff to facilitate timely connections.

Please note that airlines reserve the right to modify flight times, and NAVIGATORS will provide you with the most current flight schedule available. In the event of changes to our group flight time by the airlines, it becomes your responsibility to adjust your arrival times accordingly to align with the schedule provided by the airlines.

Drug Policy: 

Any passenger found using illegal drugs during a NAVIGATORS tour will be promptly removed from the tour, and the associated expenses for this removal will be the responsibility of the individual involved. NAVIGATORS maintains a strict policy against the use of illegal substances to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Your compliance with this policy is essential for maintaining a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone on the tour.


Consumption of Alcohol Policy:

  1. Youth Athletes: If you are traveling as a player on the NAVIGATORS team, the consumption of alcohol on tour is strictly prohibited, irrespective of the laws of the country being visited. Acts of violence, inappropriate behavior, or any form of misconduct toward others during the NAVIGATORS tour will not be tolerated. Violation of this policy may result in your removal from the tour, and you will be held responsible for any associated fees incurred during this process. NAVIGATORS places great emphasis on maintaining a positive and respectful environment for all participants.

  2. Friends and Family: While you are encouraged to enjoy the tour at your own pace, it is essential to respect the group dynamics. If your actions become disruptive or problematic for the group, you may be dismissed from the tour at your own expense. Acts of violence, inappropriate behavior, or any form of misconduct toward others during a NAVIGATORS tour will not be tolerated. Violation of this policy may result in your removal from the tour, and you will be held responsible for any associated fees incurred during this process. NAVIGATORS aims to create a positive and enjoyable experience for all participants, and your cooperation in maintaining a respectful atmosphere is greatly appreciated.




NAVIGATORS retains the right to remove participants from the group if they are deemed disruptive or causing issues for the overall group dynamics. In instances where a coach or NAVIGATORS staff member perceives that a participant is behaving inappropriately, they reserve the right to instruct the participant to return home at their own expense. This policy is in place to ensure the well-being and positive experience of the entire group, and participants are expected to adhere to the established standards of behavior during the NAVIGATORS tour.


Behavior (in public):

Participants are expected to adhere to both the spirit and the explicit guidelines outlined in all NAVIGATORS rules. Any behavior that is derogatory, threatening, or abusive towards teammates or opponents will not be tolerated. It is essential to acknowledge and respect everyone's strengths and weaknesses, including your own. Additionally, participants are required to show respect for and accept the decisions made by the coaching staff.

Any intentional actions that cause physical, mental, or emotional harm to another person during the tour may result in the cancellation of the tour for the individual involved, and they may be sent home immediately at their own expense. NAVIGATORS is committed to fostering a positive and respectful environment, and participants are expected to uphold these principles throughout the duration of the tour.

Behavior (online):

Participants are reminded that when they are online, they are representing not only themselves but also their family and team. It is crucial to be aware that others may be observing your online activities on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Derogatory, threatening, or abusive behavior towards others will not be tolerated.


Any text messages, emails, or online posts that contain obscene or mentally/emotionally hurtful content towards another person during the tour may result in immediate dismissal, and the individual will be sent home at their own expense. Participants are encouraged to act appropriately at all times, showing respect to teammates, family members, and friends accompanying the tour. Upholding positive behavior both online and offline contributes to a harmonious and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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